Team Day Friday, 12 May


Buddy Warm Up: “Smack”


“Trucker Dukes”

Trucker Dukes was a 3-year-old from Haiku Hawaii, an FDNY honorary firefighter who lost his battle with cancer. His parents Shauna and Joshua Dukes, train at CF Upcountry, and Trucker frequented classes with them. Crossfitters from Maui and NYC teamed up to create Trucker’s WOD, which is filled with symbolic numbers and meaning. The AMRAP time of 20:17 is the year Trucker went to heaven. Trucker loved burpees the most, and 45 burpees is the numeric total of his initials. Reps 4-10-13 mark Trucker’s birth date, and in honor of his tender age, the WOD is completed in teams of 3.

In teams of 3, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes and 17 seconds (20:17):

– 45 Burpee buy in (teams may split the work in any manner)

followed by as many rounds as possible of:
– Partner 1: 4 Muscle-Ups (or Strict Pull-Ups) + 10 Air Squats + 13 Sit-Ups
– Partner 2: Prone Plank Hold
– Partner 3: Rest

Continue to rotate through the stations until time is called.