Down the Court (2Rnds):
– leap frogs
– inchworms
– high knees
– bear crawls
– traveling burpees
– power skip



Pavel’s Ladders: 6 minutes on Pull Ups and 6 minutes on Ring Dips
– Performed with a partner: A does one pull up (or ring dip), B matches. A does 2, B matches. A does 3, B matches… pattern continues until one partner can no longer keep up. Both partners then return to the beginning of the ladder doing 1 each, then 2 each etc until time runs out.


Partner WOD

– Thrusters (75/105): 1 on first minute, 2 on second, 3 on third etc until athlete cannot complete the minute. Score = highest round completed.


Powerhouse Workout

5 sets of 10 Partner Glute/Ham Raises