Team Day Friday


3 rounds:
– 10 Plank-Jacks
– 10 Sit Ups
– 10 Inch Worm Pushups
– 10 Four Count Flutter Kicks



30 Min AMRAP:
– Row 500 m
– 5 Strict Pull-ups
– 20 Farmer Carry Walking Lunges, 55/35 lbs

Teams of 3-4
– Only one team member may work at a time.
– Kettlebells may not touch the ground, and must both be held by a single┬áteam member (not separated).
– Teams of four must also have one team member holding a plank (arms or hands are acceptable).
-KB holds and planks may be shared/transferred, but if KBs are set down and/or (for teams of 4) the plank is dropped, ALL WORK MUST STOP. (if you hand KBs off rather than setting them down, and/or second team member in plank before first drops, work does not need to stop)

Team will work through each movement relay style: A will row, B will row, C will row, then A will do pull-ups etc.

Score is number of rounds + reps completed. 100m = 1 rep.