Please note that our classes are run by volunteers, and are subject to change. Changes will be announced on our Facebook page.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 0530-0630
@ Wyvern CrossFit Area


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1100-1200
@ Wyvern CrossFit Area


8 thoughts on “Class Schedules

      1. Hi Danny, you will have to register your military ID with the gym. They are there throughout the day:) If the door is locked, just catch someone as they are entering and stop at the front desk.

  1. Hello, I’m a crossfitter coming the month of April to Aviano AB. I’m bringing about 33 people and a couple C130s from the MNANG to work with the Army. I’m hoping to have a place to workout while I’m there so I don’t get too out of shape being TDY. I’m going to see if I can convince a few of my airman to try out Crossfit if the gym will accommodate a few more! Can you let me know how the schedule will be in April? Do you offer an “On Ramp or Fundamentals Course for new people? Thanks much!!

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