We are a small community, but our commitment is huge. As our community continues to grow (and WOW is it growing!), we remain committed to seeing our athletes set and reach goals as we strive to help others.

CrossFit Aviano is not endorsed by the Department of Defense and is not affiliated with the United States Air Force.


25 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am just wanting to get some information about this crossfit group. I have dabbled a little over the past few years in crossfit and my wife an I are going to be getting stationed there in January. One of my first questions was the cost? I see that it appears y’all are actually on base, so is there a cost to join? If so what is it per month?


    Waylon Burrow

    1. Hi Waylon. There is no cost to join. There are currently 5 coaches that volunteer their time to teach, free of charge. We are on base. Check out our House Rules….we look forward to meeting you and your wife in January!

  2. HI Crossfit Aviano! I will be traveling to Pordenone with my hubby when he has to work at Aviano! I would love to drop in and wod with you all. What is your drop in policy. We arrive Tuesday afternoon and I am thinking I will need a day to adjust. Please let me know and also hope you have T’s so I can show you all off back home in the states! -Erica

    1. Erica, thank you for contacting us!
      Unfortunately it is likely you won’t be able to use our lil’ box b/c we are a military affiliate so only mil-ID card holders or dependents can access the base.
      We would love to have you 😦

      If you do not have a mil-ID (or access to the base) there is also CFUD (CrossFit Udine) which is only about 40 mins from us and about 30 from Pordenone.

      Let me know if you need anything else!

  3. Hi Jason, I am retired Army and have my blue retiree card. I should have no problem getting on base. My husband is also has his dependent card. Is that good enough? Let me know. We take off from DC tomorrow! Thanks! -Erica

    1. We are at the area 2 gym, in the back old racket ball room. If you come in the front of the building, just ask the gym staff and they will show you!

  4. Hi, not very familiar with CrossFit but its been recommended to me and I figured I’d give it a try at Aviano! Is there a beginner’s course that’s required here? I recall there being one at my last base.

    1. Hey Jenna! We currently do not offer a beginner’s course, but are planning one for the future. All the coaches will be happy to take the time to explain in detail the movements for each day at the beginning of the class. We can modify everything as we always do with beginners! We look forward to meeting you!

  5. Hello I just moved to italy “married and Italian” and I have my retired ID which means I have access to the base… First question is where are you located on the base “I only know how to get to the commissary when I enter the base” lol…. What are your hours of operation since I live in Porcia and would have to make the drive to the base….

    I’ve looked at finding a gym in Porcia but haven’t found anything like crossfit which is what I’m really interested in….

    1. We are located on Area two (near the Aviano Inn). Once you enter Area 2 the gym is straight ahead and we are located on the backside of the gym upstairs. (If you ask the front desk they will point you in our direction).

  6. I am one of the coaches at CF Bolling on Joint Base Anacostia Bolling in Washington, DC. We are reaching out to the other Air Force Crossfit Military Affiliates to try and get a good POC so that in the future we may be able to coordinate on CF wod’s or do competition’s together. If you have any interest in doing something like please let me know by sending POC info to crossfitbolling@gmail.com. Thank you!


  7. Hello, I will be TDY at Aviano next week and would love to drop in for classes. I often drop in to other bases Crossfits and also private Crossfit gyms as I travel often for work and personal. I am coming from Kaiserslautern Germany area. Is this possible? Can you clarify your schedule for next week as I see some changes on your website indicated. (also if you have more of your t shirts and or tanks, i would be interested in buying one if in my size. i have started a little collection now). thanks so much! Anne 🙂

    1. Hey Anne!
      Don’t expect much from the CF area as it is a temporary box until the newly refurbished building opens up; but you are of course welcome to attend any of our classes!
      Next week we will only have class at 1630 and 1730 with me (Jason @ 1630) and Abbey at 1730.
      I am not sure what we have left on the t-shirts but I will definitely check for you.
      Look forward to seeing/meeting you next week.


  8. Hey Aviano Crossfit! I am interested in trying/switching to CrossFit to improve my overall fitness level. The only hesitation I’m dealing with is one, I have never done CrossFit before and two, I have some old back issues that aren’t severe but possibly could be (lower bulged disks). Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Chris,
      every level of athlete is welcome, have no fear of never doing CrossFit before-we do a pretty good job of accommodating all levels. As for the back issues; don’t let pride override the brain and you should have no problems-just scale the weight down to a challenging, yet safe level (one of the trainers will help you w/ that).
      Class times are 0530 and 0900; we look forward to seeing you!

  9. Hi there!
    I really want to do some real crossfit, I’ve been doing it at home with practically no weights to lift. The problem is that I am Italian, so i can’t get into the base, where I guess you have the box. Am I right?

  10. Hello All,

    I should be PCSing to Italy in the summertime and wanted to get into Crossfit there. Is there someone I can email or call about questions I have. I wasn’t sure what would be available there so I was debating on getting my CL1 before I go. Just wanted to talk further with someone about it.

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