400M run then 2-3 rounds of:
– 5 PVC go-thru’s
– 5 PVC Overhead Squats
– 5 PVC Good Mornings
– 5 Push ups
– Sampson Stretch x 1 ea side



Work up to a heavy 1R Hang Power Snatch

Some terminology reminders (credit: Catalyst Athletics. Click through for more important terminology!)
– Hang refers to a starting position for a lift with the bar above floor level, e.g. Hang Clean. At what height a hang lift is started needs to specified, such as mid-thigh, knee or below the knee. If not specified, for our purposes, you may use any starting position above the knee.
– The term power refers to a receiving position of the snatch, clean or jerk in an almost-standing/partial squat position (e.g. power snatch).



3 Rounds
– 10 Hang Power Snatch (115#/80#)
– 10 OH Walking Lunge Steps (115#/80#)



**For each of these movements pick a weight that you can perform with perfect form but still presents a challenge. The weight does not need to be the same for each movement.**

5×5 Romanian Dead Lifts
5×5 Overhead Squats
5×5 Hip Thrusts


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